Welcome to Dungeon Days in Nayra

A homebrew world set along the backdrop of slowly crumbling social order. The Kingdom of Nervallia was formed over 60 years ago as a means to defeat a threat of elemental evil from the plane of air. The warring clans of Sylvan, Grand Lake, Utgard, and Grand North allied with the Fangs Port’s Navy brought down the floating castle of Skygeneral Aquaa and from the ashes formed the newly prosperous Nervallia. However in the 60 years following the kingdom is facing all sorts of problems. The Underdark grows restless, the wandering tribes of the Sand Sea batter against the walls of the Andal Keep, the lands of the corrupted dragon queen’s former holdings are playing host to an insidious evil.

You start up in the town of Songin, a recently founded trade town run by various factions. This town although far removed from the politics and lingering evils on the fringes of the kingdom is not immune to them and your party might be what stands in the way of chaos engulfing the land.

Dungeon Days in Nayra